Who is eligible?

All magazines are eligible – consumer, b-to-b, association and custom publications. the competition is organized so that magazines compete within a group of their peers. The Eddies are categorized by topic/market, and the Ozzies are categorized by publication type and circulation size. Please read our magazine classification guidelines so that you know in which category your publication should compete.

All magazines entered in the eddies and ozzies must have been published between June 1, 2007 and June 1, 2008.

Click here to see a complete list of eddie and ozzie categories and category criteria.

How are entries submitted?

Part i – Online

  1. Create your account (you may enter multiple entries from one account)
  2. Submit magazine/entry details
  3. Upload electronic artwork
  4. Select your category
  5. Pay entry fee
  6. Print confirmation ticket (certain categories only, see below)

Part ii – Mail-in (required for the following categories: Eddies – Single Issues ONLY; Ozzies – Best Overall Design, Best Design New Magazine, Best Redesign, Best Media Kit, Best Supplemental Annual)

  1. Attach (3) shipping tickets to each entry.
  2. Mail (3) copies of each entry with confirmation tickets attached to the folio: headquarters. Detailed shipping instructions listed on shipping ticket.


Please use the following guidelines to classify your magazine type for the Eddie and Ozzie Awards.

  • B-to-B – Any magazine that serves a specific and sole industry or business community. examples: CFO, FOLIO: magazine, Government Executive
  • Consumer – Any magazine intended for the general consumers or target demographic within a general consumer audience. examples: Newsweek, Men’s Health, Seattle Magazine
  • Association/Non-Profit – Any magazine or publication that serves the audience of a membership organization. B-to-b or consumer. Examples: IEEE Spectrum, HR Magazine, American Rifleman, AARP The Magazine
  • Custom – Any magazine or publication contracted by an external client targeting an audience determined by that client intended to serve a marketing function.. examples: Delta Sky, Lexus, The Ritz-Carlton Magazine
  • Supplemental Annual or One-Shot – Any single issue complement to an existing publication or standalone publication released once per year. Examples: Pure Canada, Dialogue, O2:POL Oxygen Design Directory


Note: Eddies topic/market categories must be selected based on your magazine’s target market/topic. If you have questions about where to classify your magazine, refer to the 2007 Eddie and Ozzie Winner List to see applicable magazines for each category.

In 2008, Eddie awards will be granted in three areas:

1. Best Single Issue, recognizing overall editorial excellence within your magazine’s category, based on your publication’s mission or editorial statement.

2. Best Single Article/Feature, recognizing excellence in a single article or series of articles, based on your publication’s mission or editorial statement.

3. The Online Eddies, recognizing excellence in 5 categories:

  • Website – Any magazine website. Editorial content, layout, functionality and results will be evaluated.
  • Online Column or Blog – Any online single opinion-oriented article and/or opinion-oriented/first person blog on your magazine’s website.
  • Online Tool – Any unique online application that enhances the user experience on your magazine’s website. Examples include: wikis, widgets, social networking applications, specialized search functions, content aggregators, and social bookmarking.
  • Online News Coverage – Any online single article or short series of articles relating to specific news coverage .
  • Online Community – Any online program or feature that facilitates virtual member-to-member interaction.


See above descriptions for consumer, b-to-b, association/non-profit and custom categories.

Sub-categories by circulation size should be based off of your verified circ.

  • Best Cover – Awarded for outstanding design of a magazine cover as measured in typography, composition, color, balance, immediacy.
  • Best Design, New Magazine – Awarded for outstanding overall design to a magazine that launched between June 1, 2007 and June 1, 2008.
  • Best Feature Design – Awarded for outstanding design of a single feature article as expressed in appeal of opener, layout, colors, icons, images and typography
  • Best Media Kit – Awarded for outstanding design, impact, memorability and functionality of a magazine media kit.
  • Best Overall Design – Awarded for outstanding overall design of a magazine. The entire magazine will be evaluated, including sections, departments, features, readability, ease of navigation, use of art and images, and appropriateness of design to the subject.
  • Best Redesign – Awarded for an outstanding redesign of an existing publication. Redesigns must have occurred between June 1, 2007 and June 1, 2008 and 2 issues must be submitted the old design and the redesign.
  • Best Site Design – Awarded for outstanding design, functionality and navigation for a magazine website.
  • Best Supplemental Annual or One-Shot – Awarded for outstanding overall design of a single issue complement to an existing publication or standalone publication released once per year.
  • Best Table of Contents – Awarded for outstanding design of the table of contents page(s).
  • Best Use of Photography – Awarded for outstanding use of photography in any single article/feature
  • Best Use of Illustration – Awarded for outstanding use of illustration in any single article/feature or cover.
  • Best Use of Digital Imagery – Awarded for outstanding use of digitally created or altered artwork in any single article/feature or cover.
  • Best Use of Typography – Awarded for outstanding typographic treatment in any single article/feature.