Conquering Google Chrome's Adblocker


In February, Google and the Coalition for Better Ads created the “Better Ads Standards” which identifies and blocks ads deemed to be the “most annoying.” This is a challenge for B2B publishers because these formats were popular among advertisers, and drove high CPMs.

Of the 28,892 Advertisers that bought digitally with B2B Media during Q1 2018, ~50% bought an ad that Google threatens to cut. We’re willing to bet that if you’re a B2B publisher, Google Chrome is affecting your business in a way that you have yet to uncover.

Don’t fret—we’re hosting a complimentary On Demand webinar that will serve as a how-to guide to overcoming Google Chrome’s new ad blocker.

Join Folio: senior Editor, Greg Dool for a chat with MediaRadar’s Todd Krizelman as they dive into Google’s efforts, clarify common misconceptions, and discuss its business impact.


Speakers Include:

30594483_10150976185794975_9051562199574642688_oGreg Dool
Senior Editor




Todd KrizelmanTodd Krizelman









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