Quark Fights Back in Design Software Battle

November 1, 2005

By Bill Mickey Back in 1998, Quark Inc. opened discussions to acquire Adobe , a $240 million company at the time, for an estimated $2 billion. Not only did Adobe essentially ignore Quark's overtures, the following year it debuted InDesign;a page layout application that eventually knocked Quark out of its industry dominating stupor and inspired a full-on race for design-shop dominance.

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Reader’s Digest CEO to Retire

October 31, 2005

By Dylan Stableford Reader's Digest chairman and CEO Tom Ryder announced today that he will retire at the end of the year and will be succeeded by Eric W. Schrier, global editor-in-chief and president of RD North America.

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Celebrated Women’s Mag Editors Talk Impact of Celebrity

October 27, 2005

By FOLIO: STAFF "Are Nick and Jessica really broken up?" Sometimes such a question during a magazine panel's Q+A session might cause a lively discussion to run off its rails. But not when it's an event attended by a cross-section of some of the brightest editors in the women's consumer magazine category. And certainly not when Janice Min is on the panel.

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