Articles by Vanessa Voltolina

An Enterprise Evolution

Digital asset management (DAM), a process in which a secure central repository helps streamline the creation, management and monetization of digital assets, is one that publishers are continuing to adopt even in a down market.

Four Magazine Widgets To Watch

Widgets, portable chunks of online code that can be installed and executed within any HTML-based Web page, have become ubiquitous with magazine sites over the last few years. From exercise calendars to fashion finders and investment calculators, publishers are getting creative with widgets to bolster the user experience and time spent on their sites.

Pricing Digital Editions: Finding the Sweet Spot

“Experience shows that consumers expect to pay less for digital editions,” wrote LCM Digital Media director Matt Hunter on Folio:’s social network mediaPRO. “As far as they’re concerned, there’s no print cost, no distribution charges and no retail margins to cover, so it should be cheaper.”