Articles by Vanessa Voltolina

Lucky Launches Shopping ‘E-Boutique’

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Lucky and shopping service provider Mall Networks recently launched an online shopping experience, pioneering a “fashion and beauty e-boutique” in which the editors can have a say in the search results.

Big Wins of 2009

Ask any magazine publisher what their biggest win of the past year was and “surviving” is probably the first word out of their mouth. However, others have done more than just scrape by. Here, six publishers describe the initiatives that have helped put their businesses on a new path. 

Tips on Inexpensive Web Site Design

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A Pair of industry Vets told listeners during FOLIO:’s “Analyzing Web Development Options” Webinar last month about the best tools for tackling site development on continually-shrinking budgets.

Report: No Digital Platform Reigns Supreme

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It seems like each digital platform has had its moment in the sun as the next new savior of print magazines—Web sites, PDFs, mobile, digital editions and e-readers. But based on a November Forrester Research study, “Publishers Need Multichannel Subscription Models,” which surveyed 4,711 U.S.

Circ Salaries Rise in 2009

Unlike many of their counterparts, circulation and audience development professionals have seen a nice incremental salary boost across the board, according to the 2009 FOLIO: Circulation Salary Survey conducted by Readex Research.

Serving the International Audience

Publishers originally embraced digital editions as an affordable, efficient way to serve readers overseas. But delivering content and managing subscriptions internationally requires publishers use a distinct set of tactics, like delivery incentives, subscription cuts and increased digital edition content, to bulk up their readership and save money on postal costs internationally.