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Flying Solo: Managing an Association Mag By Yourself

While few editors work completely alone—most have freelancers and supervisors close at hand—at least 30 session attendees at the 2009 Association Media & Publishing (formerly SNAP) conference last month indicated that they are, in fact, alone at the helm when it comes to managing thei

Vibe Magazine Closes

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RELATED: Quincy Jones Wants Vibe BackAnother music magazine has succumbed to the unfriendly ad economy. Vibe magazine is shutting down today, a spokesperson confirmed to FOLIO:.

Charlie McCurdy

If I had to boil it down, Canon Communications is in the customer service business. That’s not a totally novel way of defining a b-to-b media company these days, but it’s an appropriate one.

Kathleen Kennedy

In 2005, we changed our methodology from thinking about Technology Review as a three-legged stool and consolidated everything (editorial, sales, business).

Deborah Esayian

Emmis Publishing’s digital assets are going through a transformation. Our staff is learning the creative aspects of the Web and how to sell this type of digital inventory. Many of our magazines are beginning to see themselves as true brands with multiple touch points for their audiences.

Larry Burstein

We are a content generating company that also generates revenue—we’re not just a revenue generation business.

William Pollak

Incisive is part of the b-to-b group that has moved from the four-legged stool (print, online, events, data) to thinking about revenue generation—or, what the revenue return is on everything we do. Some questions we ask ourselves are: ‘What’s the return on a piece of content?

Scott McCafferty

WTWH Media, LLC recognizes two main drivers in the marketplace, among many others, that set the pace and tone of its businesses.

Brian Rowland

Rowland Publishing has defined a specific geographic region to serve the 16 counties of Northwest Florida, which is essentially the 850 area code.

Justin Smith

The really successful media players understand it’s a totally different game. We look at ourselves less as being in the content business and more as being in the business of serving customer segments.