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Workarounds for Common Open Source Bugs

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Open Source CMS PLatforms are certainly no exception to the occasional tech glitch. On one hand, publishers using open source solutions have access to a vibrant online community, which makes it easy to ask questions in a forum and receive help within a few business days.

The New Face of Digital Editions

As publishers continue to seek out the newest and best technologies to enhance digital readership (and drive online revenue), a slew of advanced e-readers—such as the Apple tablet, Mag+ and an iPhone viewer for digital magazines—are redefining online editions.

Effectively Marketing Lead Offers

Just as it’s essential for publishers to have a solid plan of attack when it comes to their business plan, it’s equally as important for them to strategize different lead offers to target diverse readership. Regardless of the offer, publishers should have plans for how to best serve up and promote products simultaneously across platforms.

Creating a Navigable Site

By now, publishers know enough about online behavior to realize that if users can’t find the content they’re looking for immediately, they’ll turn elsewhere—which can be a major hit for both traffic and revenue numbers.