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How Much Magazine Associations Make, And How They Spend It

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The Magazine Publishers of America generated $16.7 million in revenue in 2006, with CEO Nina Link [pictured, right] making $740,713 in total compensation, while American Business Media reported $6.0 million in revenue for that year, with CEO Gordon Hughes receiving $400,511 in total compensation.

Publishers Hoarding Paper

It’s an odd time for the paper market. Real demand for paper should be down—maybe way down. After all, folio sizes are reduced across the magazine industry, ad pages are down, there are fewer new magazines being launched, and readers and advertisers are migrating to the Internet.

Who Are the New Leaders of B-to-B?

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LA QUINTA, California—American Business Media’s Spring Meeting 2008 concluded with the usual fanfare Tuesday night, including a dinner dance and golf awards to a group of perhaps just more than 100 remaining attendees.