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Would These Editors Hire You?

Writing for the Web, social media and digital skills in general are a given these days for any magazine editor. As Betty Wong, Fitness editor-in-chief, noted in her reply to our invitation to contribute to this piece, “The craft of magazine-making comprises just a fraction of my day.” Indeed, an editor is as much of a new product developer and marketer as he or she is a wordsmith.

Maximizing Digital Ad Inventory

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As advertising dollars continue to tighten, publishers are looking for ways to prove their inventory’s worth to clients. Forbes relies on digital ad and inventory management provider Maxifier to optimize the metrics important to its advertising partners.

Behind Technology Review’s Digital-First Strategy

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Technology Review editor-in-chief Jason Pontin recently provided a one-two punch of blog posts detailing a pair of significant digital pivots for the brand. Both have caused a stir among the media crowd for their frank assessment of TR's progress in the digital space.

Forbes’ AdVoice Platform

A couple years ago, Forbes broke ground on what it calls its “most significant re-architecture” in its 90-plus years of existence. The goal, according to chief product officer Lewis D’Vorkin, was to “increase the interaction between content creators, audiences and marketers.”