Articles by Matt Kinsman

Bill Holiber

One key objective for traditional media executives is getting the right people. We look for creative, nimble, unconventional, entrepreneurial type people. Another big challenge is to develop new businesses under existing brands.

Ed Gillette

A CEO needs to be able to cut through the distractions of potentially disruptive technology and a muddle-through economy and keep his/her organization focused with laser intensity on the corporate strategic goals.

Peter Johnson

I believe that my primary challenge in 2011 is to resist the tendency to reduce the quality of our products in reaction to the economic downturn that has affected our industry.

Neal Vitale

The majority of our events have rebounded, as development and travel budgets have loosened. We expect this trend to continue to drive performance in 2001, aided by organizational changes and staff additions that we have made.

Greg Loewen

Given the structural changes going on in our industry, the greatest challenge we face is finding the time and resources to work on transforming our business model while simultaneously making sure that the next issue we publish is great and that we hit our financial targets each quarter.

Brian Rowland

I am optimistic about 2011 in the footprint of the region my consumer and business titles serve. I plan to invest for the future now and begin to staff up and expand the company from many perspectives.

Don Pazour

Our biggest gains have come from excellent e-media revenue growth (+30 percent) and e-commerce sales of our high value content. Our e-media growth exceeded the slip we saw in print advertising, although print advertising is modestly up year-over-year in the last quarter.

Henry Blodget

A publishing CEO’s primary challenge in 2011 is the same as it ever was: To continue to produce content that people really want to read (or watch, or listen to, or all of the above).

Charles H. Townsend

Condé Nast’s recovery far outpaced that of the broader economy in 2010.  By every measure, we exceeded our expectations, enjoying double digit growth in revenues.  Ad pages and share are up, and our circulation vitality and growth is unmatched.  On that very strong foundation, we’ve bui

Desiree Rogers

We’re trying to re-establish, reaffirm and revitalize these brands. We hired Amy BuBois Barnett, the former deputy editor-in-chief of Harper’s Bazaar, as the new editor-in-chief of Ebony and we’re re-positioning and modernizing the Ebony brand.