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Lessons from an Entrepreneurial Editor

In 2010, former Fortune editor David Kirkpatrick teamed up with other ex-Fortune colleagues to form Techonomy, a new media business aimed at convincing leaders from all sectors that technological and social invention is critical.

Publishers and E-Commerce: Perfect Together

E-commerce is a big opportunity for publishers. “If you talk to the people at Net-A-Porter or the people at Gilt, they say they’re increasingly commerce companies moving into content and I think what you’re going to find is content companies are going to move into commerce,” Hearst Magazines president David Carey said earlier this year.

There’s a Tech For That

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Publishing technology is a major part of ever issue of FOLIO: but for July we’re giving special emphasis to the role technology is playing in the transformation of publishers into...something else.

M&A Soars For Digital and Marketing Services, While B-to-B Deals Plummet

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Mergers and acquisitions in the media, information, marketing services and tech sectors in the first half of 2011 may not be matching the breakneck pace of the first half of 2010 (which rebounded 61 percent over a dismal first half 2009) but were still up 3 percent in the number of deals (to 484) and 15 percent in overall value (to $23.28 billion), according to The Jordan, Edmiston Group.

National Treasure

National Geographic is a perennial winner at the National Magazine Awards, picking up 26 through the years, including the two it won in 2011 (one of which was Magazine of the Year, making National Geographic just the second title to earn that honor since it was introduced in 2010).

Paywalls Versus Advertising? Why Not Both?

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Advertising and paywalls are often viewed as a mutually exclusive proposition but they can successfully co-exist, according to participants at a roundtable at DPAC (Digital Publishing and Advertising Conference) earlier this month.

Seven Ways to Monetize Marketing Services Online

“Beyond the banner” is a term that publishers have kicked around for years in terms of digital marketing opportunities. As the number of different channels grows, so does the opportunity to really go beyond the banner but it often requires a significant commitment.

Edgell Communications Overhauls Its Approach to Lead Gen

Edgell Communications, a Randolph, New Jersey-based b-to-b publisher serving the IT and seasonal merchandising markets, has undergone a major overhaul of its lead gen offerings. “We’ve been generating what we call a transactional lead—defined as someone who downloads something and we pass that information onto our client,” says vice president of online media Robert Keenan.