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New Paper Options

The basic idea behind paper buying is to strike the right balance between cost and quality. Determine your organization’s priorities, and make your compromises accordingly.

Top Social Media Measurement and Tracking Tools

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Social media audiences have effectively become another universe of prospects to tap, which means measurement and tracking is essential to yielding from these visitors both direct and indirect revenue. While Facebook and Twitter offer their own analytics tools, a host of third-party offerings exist to pick up where they leave off.

ABM Forms Strategic Alliance With UK’s PPA

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ABM, the association of business information and media companies, has formed a strategic alliance with the Professional Publishers Association (PPA), an ABM counterpart in the UK, which also serves consumer media.

Time Broadcasts Its First Google+ Hangout On Air

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Last week, Time magazine hosted its first Google+ "Hangout On Air,"a video chat that is streamed live to the public and shared via Google+, YouTube and Hangouts On Air are an offshoot of Google+'s standard Hangouts

Facebook Offers App Subscriptions

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While magazines haven't exactly rushed to create Facebook apps, perhaps some changes to the social network's monetization policies will offer some incentive to do so. Starting next month, app developers will be able to sell subscriptions to their and mobile web apps.