Articles by FOLIO: Magazine Staff

Nancy Gibbs

• Gibbs is the first woman to be named managing editor at TIME, and is one of the most published authors in the magazine’s history.

Bill Werde

• Soon after stepping into his role, Werde relaunched the magazine and Web platforms–including an updated Hot 100 Chart that integrates YouTube.

Michelle Hucal

• Hucal develops strategies to help more than 60 brands successfully deploy content among all of the company’s platforms.

Adam Reinebach

• Reinebach increased revenue over the past two years by building new content-driven programs around video, lead generation and research.

Betty Wong

Takeaway: Wong led efforts to drastically transform the brand, which included a suite of new digital products across several platforms. For Betty Wong,

Bob LaPointe

• LaPointe lead initiatives to implement a new digital strategy, increase events, and offer clients custom media content.

Eric Zinczenko

• Zinczenko has introduced a number of new revenue streams including events, television, licensing, books and film.

Chris Kaskie

• Kaskie increased revenue by 25 percent overall in the past year.• He and his team grew advertising revenue by 35 percent year-over-year.

Amy DuBois Barnett

Takeaway: Barnett has increased newsstand sales and increased market shares in her segment. When it comes to Amy Dubois Barnett’s role as editor-in-chief at Ebony one word resonates for her—legacy.