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DTN The Progressive Farmer_Single Article_Eddies_2B-to-B – Single Article – Agriculture / Farming [Eddies]

WINNER: DTN/The Progressive Farmer, Bridging the Gap

Honorable Mentions:

  • DTN/The Progressive Farmer, The King of Pops
  • Successful Farming, How to Weatherproof Your Farm (sort of) — Meredith Agrimedia




Veterinary Team Brief_Eddies_2B-to-B – Single Article – Animals / Pets [Eddies]

WINNER: Veterinary Team Brief, The Biting Facts About Fleas — Brief Media, LLC

Honorable Mention:

  • Clinician’s Brief, Age of Neutering in Large- and Giant-Breed Dogs — Brief Media, LLC




Employee Benefit Adviser_Eddies_2National Underwriter Life and Health_Eddies_2B-to-B – Single Article – Banking / Business / Finance [Eddies]

CO-WINNER: Employee Benefit Adviser, Mission-Driven — SourceMedia
CO-WINNER: National Underwriter Life and Health, One Advisor Lost 51 Clients, Then Delivered 30 Checks After 9/11 — ALM

Honorable Mentions:

  • CFO, Robots, Robots Everywhere — CFO Publishing
  • HousingWire, “Silver Bullet”, May 2017 — HW Media LLC
  • InsuranceNewsNet Magazine, Finding Inspiration in the Wake of Life’s Storms — InsuranceNewsNet
  • Modern Trader, The Banana Republic of Snapchat — The Alpha Pages




Design-2-Part Magazine_Single Article_Eddies_2B-to-B – Single Article – Construction / Manufacturing [Eddies]

CO-WINNER: BUILDER, After the Deluge in Baton Rouge — Hanley Wood Media, Inc.
CO-WINNER: Design-2-Part Magazine, A Powerful 1-2-3 Punch for American Manufacturing — The Job Shop Company

Honorable Mentions:

  • Architect, Portfolio: MASS Design Group — Hanley Wood Media, Inc.
  • Equipment World, 2016 Better Roads Bridge Inventory — Randall-Reilly
  • Multifamily Executive, Retention Revolution — Hanley Wood Media, Inc.
  • strategy+business, 10 Principles for Leading the Next Industrial Revolution — PwC Strategy& LLC





B-to-B – Single Article – Design / Advertising / Marketing [Eddies]

WINNER: Adweek, The Long Con — Adweek LLC

Honorable Mentions:

  • Architectural Lighting, In the Still of the Night — Hanley Wood / Architectural Lighting
  • Architectural Lighting, Advocacy After Dark — Hanley Wood / Architectural Lighting







Hotel F and B Magazine_Eddies_2B-to-B – Single Article – Food Service / Hotel [Eddies]

WINNER: Hotel F&B Magazine, Iberian Identity — BNP Media

Honorable Mentions:

  • Hotel F&B Magazine, Raleigh Revival — BNP Media
  • Hotel F&B Magazine, Who’s Afraid of the Big, Healthy Wolf? — BNP Media






Government Executive_EddiesScholastic Teacher_Single Article_Eddies_2B-to-B – Single Article – Government / Public Sector / Education [Eddies]

CO-WINNER: Government Executive, The Hopefuls — Government Executive Media Group
CO-WINNER: Scholastic Teacher, Cultural Connections — Scholastic Teacher

Honorable Mentions:

  • FireRescue1, San Francisco’s 30 years of women in the fire service: The stories, struggles and triumphs — Praetorian Digital
  • School Library Journal, Unnatural Selection — Media Source Inc.
  • Stanford Social Innovation Review, When Innovation Goes Wrong






Nurse Practitioner_Eddies_2

B-to-B – Single Article – Healthcare / Medical / Nursing [Eddies]

WINNER: Nurse Practitioner, A Multidisciplinary Response to Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children — Wolters Kluwer

Honorable Mentions:

  • American Healthcare Leader, Biotech’s 3-D Breakthrough — Guerrero Howe
  • Clinician’s Brief, Fine-Needle Biopsy for Cytology — Brief Media, LLC
  • EndoPro Magazine, Protecting Scope Tips Is Crucial to Patient Safety and Equipment Function — 7 Toes Media
  • Eyecare Business, The Changing Face of Millennials, May 2017 — PentaVision
  • Health Data Management, Medical Device Dangers — SourceMedia
  • Incisal Edge, Incisal Edge – Shortage at the Top — Benco Dental
  • Johns Hopkins Nursing, The New Script of Nursing — Johns Hopkins School of Nursing
  • Nursing made Incredibly Easy, Compassionate Care for Teens Who Self-Injure — Wolters Kluwer



American Cinematographer_Single Article_Eddies_2B-to-B – Single Article – Media / Entertainment / Publishing [Eddies]

WINNER: American Cinematographer, Lust for Light — ASC Holding Corp.

Honorable Mentions:

  • American Cinematographer, City of Stars — ASC Holding Corp.
  • American Cinematographer, Family Business — ASC Holding Corp.




Strategy and Business_Eddies_2

B-to-B – Single Article – Technology / Telecom [Eddies]

WINNER: strategy+business, A Strategist’s Guide to Artificial Intelligence — PwC Strategy& LLC

Honorable Mentions:

  • Channel Partners, Going Global: The Channel’s Expanding Horizons — Informa Exhibitions
  • CRN, How Private Is Your Public Cloud? — The Channel Company
  • Security Dealer & Integrator (SD&I), The Year of the Giga-Deal — SouthComm Business Media
  • Sync, The Search for Global Answers in the Biggest Little City — Guerrero Howe






Travel Weekly_Eddies_2B-to-B – Single Article – Travel [Eddies]

WINNER: Travel Weekly, The Soul of Ukraine — Northstar Travel Group

Honorable Mentions:

  • Meetings Today, Top of Mind
  • Meetings Today, Born To Be Kind!
  • Travel Weekly, Floating Architecture — Northstar Travel Group
  • Travel Weekly, Fare Factors — Northstar Travel Group





Residential Design_Single Article_Eddies_2B-to-B – Single Article – Overall [Eddies]

WINNER: Residential Design, On the Verge — SOLA Group Inc.

Honorable Mentions:

  • American Spa, Natural High — Questex Media
  • Green Building & Design, How To Build A Healthy Hospital —
  • Out of Chaos – Fall 2016, Life of Blue — Rods and Cones
  • The Scientist, “Cutting-Edge Forensics” — LabX Media Group
  • Turf Magazine, I Survived — Grand View Media


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